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eBay Bucks is a free rewards program that lets you earn and use bucks on qualifying purchases.  

Every quarter, if you’ve earned more than $5 we’ll send you an eBay Bucks certificate. You’ll have 30 days to redeem it, and it can be used on most listings where the seller accepts PayPal. Here’s how to redeem your certificate:

  1. Buy the item as normal, and pay with PayPal.
  2. Your eBay Bucks certificate will appear at checkout.
  3. Select and apply your eBay Bucks to your subtotal. 

You won’t be able to redeem your eBay Bucks certificate if:

  • It has expired
  • The purchase didn't qualify for eBay Bucks
  • You didn't pay with PayPal
  • You exceeded the program’s purchase limits

Learn more about eBay Bucks.

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