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When you list an item, you can offer free shipping, flat rate shipping, or calculated shipping based on the buyer's location. To help you decide which to offer, you can estimate shipping costs with our Shipping Calculator. It's important to provide accurate information so the estimate is as close as possible to the actual cost. In the Shipping Calculator, you need to:

  • Select a package type, and for non-standard packaging, select Irregular package size
  • Enter the exact dimensions
  • Enter the exact weight of your package

You'll see the available shipping services and a list of delivery options. You'll get discounted rates when you create your label through eBay.

Paying correct shipping costs up front can help you avoid charges later. Find out how to ensure you’re not underpaying on postage.

If you’ve received an adjustment on your postage and believe that it’s incorrect, you can contact U.S. Postal Service® Customer Care at 1-844-819-5187 or Generally, you can expect a response within 5-15 business days. 

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