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The easiest way to ship internationally is through the Global Shipping Program. If you prefer to manage international shipment and import logistics yourself, here are a few things to consider.

Using the Global Shipping Program (GSP)Managing shipping yourself
Setting up your preferences
Most sellers are automatically opted in to GSP. It's a free program, and you can opt out at any time by updating your global shipping preferences.

You can add GSP to all your listings or only those you choose.

The program automatically overrides any previously set shipping exclusions. To reenable them, you'll need to go to your shipping preferences and remove the GSP override from your exclusions. 

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You'll need to research shipping options and select a reliable carrier.  

If you want your items listed on international eBay sites, you'll need to specify shipping costs to those locations.

You can exclude regions or countries you don't want to ship to by changing the shipping preferences in your account settings.

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Estimating shipping costs in your listing
When you create a listing, you only need to estimate the shipping costs to our domestic shipping center. We'll handle the international shipping for you.

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You'll need to factor in end to end shipping costs for any international destination when creating a listing. 

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Customs and import charges
In your listing, we automatically estimate import charges and show the total shipping cost (domestic, international, and import charges) to buyers.

Shipping and import charges are included in the total amount a buyer pays at checkout. There should be no additional fees due upon delivery.

In the description section of your listing, clearly indicate that the buyer is responsible for any customs duties, import charges, or other international fees—which may not be included in the item's purchase and shipping price. The buyer may need to pay these fees upon delivery.
Shipping your item
When you create your labels through eBay, we'll automatically add tracking to your order. You only need to ship the item to the domestic shipping center. Then we do the rest: 
  • We handle all the international shipping and customs logistics
  • If the buyer has questions about invoices, import charges, or paying for their order, we'll answer them on your behalf

You can combine shipping if the buyer pays for all items at once using the eBay shopping cart and all items fit into a package that meets the program's size and weight requirements. Otherwise, you'll have to ship the items separately.

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You’ll need to manage all aspects of international shipping:
  • If you purchase shipping outside of eBay, you'll need to add tracking to your order
  • You'll be required to fill out customs forms for the items you sold
  • To help protect you from eBay Money Back Guarantee cases, make sure to select delivery confirmation when you ship the item. For items over $750, you must add signature confirmation
  • You'll need to answer buyer questions about invoices, import charges, or paying for their order

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