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allan2465, asks
July 02, 2016

So I sold a leather jacket 21 says ago(it was sold on the 11th of june), the estimated release of my funds was the 22nd of june.

After the 22nd I asked ebay about why my funds were not released, and they assured me they had been released. They then told mthat I had to contact paypal to sort it out. I called paypal by phone, explained and then they checked the pending payment. They then told me thatit was being held by ebay, and that they could not release the funds, and they then told me to contact ebay again.
I did that many times, I explained myself, but every time ebay would tell me the funds had been released, and I had to contatc paypal. They then told me thye would stop answering my questions regarding this case since they had given me the info I needed.
Well I decided to wait the 21 days to see if the funds would be released.
It has now been 21 days, and the funds have not been released.
I don't know what to do, because every time I would contact ebay they would tell me that the funds had been released, but they don't seem to be. They would also tell me to contact paypal every time, but every time I did that they would refer me to ebay.
I really feel like I am stuck, and I don't know what to do, I just want the money that are rightfully mine. It has been 21 days so the funds should be released, but every time I contatc either paypal or ebay they tell me to contact the counter part.
I really need some help and assistance with this.
I would also like to inform that the checkout was complete, I was paid on the 11th of june, I shipped the very same day and left tracking info on ebay. I left positive feedback to the buyer, and he also sent me positive feedback.
the item number is 131841594454 in case anyone from ebay steps in to help.
I hope I can get this sorted out smoothly soon, because I have had very bad luck so far.

EDIT: Okay So the funds seem to have been released now.
I guess there is no issue anymore then.
I would however like to say that it is unacceptable for me to wait 21 days when the transaction went smooth, ebay did say they were released to me ont he 22nd of june, but I had to wait the full 21 days before I got the funds.
The ebay customer service was very bad, they treated me very badly, by going arong by questions abd beating around the bush. I can say that I am very happy to be an ebay buyer, but I will never sell anything on here again, not after I have been treated so bad, and have been forced to wait way longer than I should have.
I hope ebay will get a grip, and treat their sellers with the respect they deserve, because I was treated so bad, I will never sell anything on here again, I will use other sites for that. I'm going to stick with being a buyer, because there is no chance in hell that I will go through such a hell again just to get the money I rightfully deserve.


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