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auctionlover-2008, asks
March 12, 2015

A buyer attempts to get some money back by writing unfair excuses despite the item I sold is like new (mint) condition, in excellent working condition and cosmetically perfect, and tested by a pro prior to shipping.


"He also requested additional photo about the very specific part of the item, and I have sent him. Then after he saw that photo, he decided to buy. The listing ended, and he wrote me a message to relist the item, and after the item relisted, I closed the bid early in his favor!"


Its crystal clear, that in one of his messages, he tries to held the item at his post office "asking me to do this" (I am not in the USA but he is!), to be able to send it back (retour by USPS), which I suspect. I sent him a USPS link to do it himself. Of course, he could learn easily. I am in overseas and I learned it easily!!!


Somehow, he learned the customs duty in advance after he bought the item on eBay, because it is an insured shipment with the exact amount (and I warned the buyers about this on my listing).


So he is trying his chance by threaten and abusing me, to get some money back, so he will compensate his legal duties paid.


Other usages show that the buyer is fighting with his conscience psychologically! This is an unnecessary gentility as he is not right.


If he had right, then he would wrote in a different way, no negotiation, no fair compensation, etc.!


He also wanted me to held it in his post office instead of himself (!), so the item will be sent back after some time by USPS, as he thinks by doing so (the Plan A), showing that it’s my failure to have stopped the USPS delivery service, so he gonna get his payment incl. the shipping fee back! Of course, this strategy couldn’t be successful. So the Plan B is chosen.


Would you negotiate for an item you paid more than USD500? You would want to return it immediately! So, if the item has so many negative things that is not a reality, why do you want to keep it and have serviced??? Why do you need to drop the last two long messages sent on eBay?


He absolutely liked the item!


Also, if something would happen during transportation or customs clearance, it’s insured, he would claim for a compensation from USPS legally. It’s packed very well with two strong carton boxes nested, the item is located in the middle inside of the original leather case with hi-quality stretch film wrapped, Silica Gel added for humidity protection, as well as the case is wrapped with stretch, air bubble protected material, and carton. All the warning signs are written on and in the package. Also these items are built like a tank by maker (the best all-metal model). The USPS Customs Officers are very gentle, I know from my past experiences.


Also, I am an expert in the field almost for 30 years.


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