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mdign, asks
January 29, 2015

To keep a long rant short, I've been an eBay seller for quite some time now. I don't sell extremely frequently, but I do sell from time to time. I mainly sell high-value items, typically goods of the electonic spectrum. I have 100% feedback(from the fraction of my buyers that actually leave me feedback.) and I'd assume a reasonable amount of sales. Originally I was told my payments would be held for 21 days due to me being a new seller and it was for buyer protection. I know I could reduce the time by shipping day-one with ebay's mailing label system which is what I did from then-on. However, I've been selling for a long time now, and I have a long history with PayPal. They have every last bit of my bank, house, and personal information(they even have my ss#...). I have an above average seller performance rating(the next level above requires me to sell so many items monthly, which I can't do with ebay's broken payments system.) So why on Earth am I still getting ridiculous 1 month long holds on my money?


Not to mention the "ways to get your money quicker" don't work. The only thing that sort-of works is the ebay label printing service, but whenever ebay's tracking has it as "Buyer has recieved item" I still have to wait at least a week to get my money off hold as opposed to the '3-days after buyer recieves without complaint. Another broken thing is the feedback system. How is it my fault that a buyer doesn't want to or have the time to give feedback? Even when they do give me feedback, my money isn't available for 7-whenevertheywant days, as oposed to the '24-hours after positive feedback.". I'm a very patient person mind you, but this is ridiculous. If I were a scam artist you'd think I'd have some negative feedback by now, even then PayPal has every sliver of info they need to have me arrested if need-be. Not to mention PayPal immediately takes their cut right off the top, then shortly after my month-long hold I have to pay my ebay invoice. This is a huge problem and its why I don't sell on ebay often. I moved to Amazon's seller system a while back because of this, over there they trust sellers and treat them like reasonable adults. (Not going to go on about Amazon, but that's just for comparison.)


Is there something I'm not doing right? Is there some secret way for ebay-paypal to not mark me as a new seller anymore?


Sorry for the long rant. I hate to do that, but this has been on my nerves for a while.


TL;DR: I'm not a new seller, why are my funds still treated as such? Any way to fix it?


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