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manshawnsshop, asks
October 24, 2013

Two separate concerns, Question being for both is there anything at all I can do ?

First off is an issue with a buyer just out right Lying and Cheating and I get the "strike"

Shipped an item around a month ago, Buyer received it and within 2 days of having it, told me the item does not fix his vehicle as he had planned. (To save time and typing, After several Ebay messages, Emails, Closing transactions comments the buyer bought a part thinking that was the problem with his car, It was not and it is not the part being faulty or wrong that was an issue, He stated several times "sorry it did not fix the car as I had thought it would)

So I tell him no problem at all, I have a return policy and as long as you send back the same exact part I sent you I will issue you a refund as stated in my ebay return policy on the item. Well, about 4 hours go by and I get a new message, "I am returning the item to you and am expecting a FULL round with no exceptions". I find that very irritating and suck it up and say sure no problem as I grit my teeth seeing I am going to be taking a $15 loss on shipping costs.

So, I open the cancel transaction case through ebay and explain the buyer will be getting a refund once the item is returned to me which will be sent through paypal the day it arrives. Great, Problem solved ! Well, the buyer did in fact accept the cancel transaction case and immediately open a Item Not As Described Case ? In the ebay cancel transaction case the buyer says Item didn't fix his car as he had planned which he also sent in messages. Now in the item not as described case he says it don't FIT his car, Which after contacting the manufacture for him and sending him another message and putting it right in ebay with the interchange it was shown it does fit his car.

I offered several times to assist him in figuring out why he says it don't fit and if I can help him figure out what the problem is, Once again I get a message from him saying something about sorry, but it did not FIX my car as i had thought it would. ANYWAY.. I call ebay and go over everything and at this time ask, How can a ebayer open a item not described case after he has already agreed and accepted the cancel the transaction case. I was told the cancel transaction case is only for FAV fees. So after the rep reading everything over, he told me just go hit the refund when the item is returned like you already have stated and once you get it back it will be taken care of. Done ! Ahhhh.

21 days go by and I get a message The buyer has escalated the case to EBay Customer Support. I am confused and see the message from the buyer, "Item was sent back, tracking says delivered and I don't have a refund". So, before I even get my thoughts together. I receive the following message within a couple hours of the buyer escalating to a case.

This case was decided in the buyer's favor. You won't have to reimburse your buyer for this transaction.

The buyer returned the item without authorization and did not provide tracking information for the return. You don't need to do anything else.

EBay Customer Support comments:
Since EBay Buyer Protection only covers items purchased with PayPal, we decided not to issue the buyer a refund. You don't need to do anything else for this case.

Final decision:
This case was decided in the buyer's favor. Although, you won't have to reimburse your buyer for this transaction, the case will still be counted when determining your seller standing.

So, I know I am going to have to call ebay, I head to the item, get tracking and try to get all the dates in order for the call. I then discover the tracking number has 17 total scans(6 after the buyer had the item delivered and it is still not delivered)

I call USPS, And after a couple people find out everything. 3 days after it was delivered to the buyer it says "return to sender" then for 4 days it stays in his city, state and is finally sent to a sort facility where it is being held. Turns out the buyer wrote on a piece of paper and stuck it on the package saying refused return to sender. The USPS caught this and returned it to him with a postage due which he then refused. I was then told the package can not be forwarded to me because I am no longer the sender nor can i get the package and pay the postage due because of a fraud attempt. This is exactly what the package says to the USPS.

Delivered(to customer)
Refused/Return To Sender(from buyer to me)
Return To Sender(USPS to the buyer with postage due)
Refused(by the buyer because of postage due)
Return To Sender(from USPS to me)
Unable To Forward(USPS because of postage due from the sender "Buyer")
Return To Sender(from USPS to buyer)

I call ebay and explain all of this, Provide them with the tracking where they can see the return to sender message days after it was delivered and still not showing it had been delivered. I also explain I tried to assist this buyer several times and offered him a refund several times as well. I was transferred to an account specialist who was a very pleasant and caring sounding lady, me and her even chuckled when I explained the USPS tracking situation. I was told to please hold and she could not assure anything on the reversal of the case. She came back and told me she had seen where I told him more than once I would refund him, I also offered to assist him, She said everything you did was correct and she seen where the tracking number was the same one I used. I was told the case would be reversed and not show up counting against me.

This was the comment after my appeal provided them with proof of the buyer trying to return the item to me by refussing the package after opening it and still showing not delivered.

EBay Customer Support comments:
We're sorry there was a problem this transaction. However, after further review, we confirmed that our original decision was correct.

Well days go by, New seller report comes out and there is it Closed cases without seller resolution 1(from this case)

I am just completely lost now !!! The buyer does everything wrong, gets caught. I do everything correct and prove the return to sender using my tracking number and not only do I lose but I am told by an account specialist that the case is reversed and wont count or show up against me .

Second concern.

I suddenly notice an odd jump in dings, I head to the message boards and learn how to run reports to determine where they came from to further explain why maybe. Well i track it down to an ebayer who left me all 1's.

He ordered the item on a Saturday, It was shipped on the Saturday via USPS Priority Mail from IL to P.R. he receives it in 3 business days, The difference in total shipping related costs between what he paid and I paid was $0.10, There was absolutely no communication between us un anyway other than a email reply to his payment stating Payment received and item shipped USPS with tracking number. He left poitive feedback and even used ALL CAPS.

I contact ebay and ask about this and if it can be changed, I was told by the rep, Let me look at it, He said he would report the concern about the buyer and if anything educate them on DSR's.... Days go by and nothing changes.

I then use the report a buyer problem and select DSR's and go thought it again.... Days go by and nothing.

I break down and while talking to the account specialist the other day, When she said is there anything else. I asked if she could please look into this for me. She said wow, Your doing a great job, your numbers look good and yay this does stink. I wish I could help you but those are anonymous and we really can't do much. She recommended maybe sending a feedback revision request to the buyer. I told her from what I understand when I run the reports I can not do that because I am not allowed to mention them with a buyer ? She did not appear to see that message and could not find that rule. I told her I was almost sure I seen a warning about that when i ran the reports.

So is this just another thing that I am helpless on and out of options ?

Thanks for your time.




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