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iteleti, asks
July 30, 2017

Sent item to buyer and FedEx states "Returning package to shipper - Delivery refused - Unable to deliver shipment - Returning to shipper" so a few days later I receive item back and it was damaged. The buyer paid for shipping and of course the item. Now I have an item which was refused by the buyer and returned damaged which can not be sold now. So if I was to send the Buyer another item to replace the one damaged, would it be unethical to ask for the buyer to pay for the cost of shipping the replacement item? Or paying for half of the cost of shipping? Or does one just refund the buyer the total purchase price paid minus the cost of shipping since the buyer refused delivery and as a result, the eBay Buying Protection or Money Back Guarantee would not cover shipping cost to be refunded? Your input is much appreciated. Thanks


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