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azthriftstorejunkies1, asks
December 04, 2016

I just sold an item for $120. I told the buyer I would ship immediately when payment is received. He paid immediately and when I went to Paypal to print shipping label it said that the payment was pending. When I signed up back in September they held my payments, but have not done so in 3 months. I recently received a payment for $355 with out incident and just last week one for $130, also without incident. I have not changed my selling patterns, I have plenty of money to cover the transaction, I am fairly new, but I did recently accept a refund on an item that was too small for a customer. The customer opened a case in eBay, I accepted and am waiting for item, therefore case is still opened. That item was only for $20 though. Does anyone know if this would cause the hold or why this payment would be held? Also, is it safe to ship item to customer or do I need to hold off?


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