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darko1979, asks
September 10, 2016


I bought an item on July 30th. On Aug 2nd I received a message from eBay that account I bought from may be compromised and transaction was canceled. I did not receive my money back (payed with paypal). In my eBay summary item is marked as sent with following text:


"We had to remove this listing from the site and you're not required to complete the transaction. If you've already sent payment, the sale should process as normal and you don't have anything to worry about. If you have any questions about delivery, please check tracking or contact your seller. If you run into any trouble along the way eBay is here to help. Please visit the Resolution Center to help resolve any problems you may encounter."


On August 5th I sent a message to seller asking if the item was really sent and should I wait for it or should I visit Resolution Center an

d ask for my money back. Since nobody answered for almost a week I opened a case on August 11th in the Resolution Center to ask for my money back. On August 12th I got a new entry in the case stating "The seller has opened a case".


After almost a month the case is still pending. I thought they were waiting to see if the item will be delivered since the original listing says "Estimated delivery Aug 17, 2016 - Sep 08, 2016" and that they will respond after that date but now on September 10th the case is still pending.

I tried to click on "Help with a request or case" and select the item a get the message "Looks like you're not buying or selling this item. Choose another item, or look up an item number in My eBay."


If I go to the customer service and click on "Contact us" and then select Buying -> Didn't receive an item -> Status of a case and then select my item I still get the same message "Looks like you're not buying or selling this item. Choose another item, or look up an item number in My eBay."


I looked in community messages about the same problem but in one case the problem was that the seller is not a member of ebay anymore and that buyer should contact paypal. The seller I bought from is still on ebay but it's not active in the past month.


What can I do about this? I have read that you could escalate the case after some time, I'm not able to do that still.




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