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nancyfrankiejoey, asks
August 22, 2017

So far, I just HATE the new selling format. I have been trying ALL AFTERNOON to list a simple set of salt & pepper shakers. I like to list my items as 30 days NOT Until Cancelled. I cannot find that option ANY WHERE! I did find on another discussion this problem but still can't figure it out.  This is what I found. 


"New listing format is a restricted option version. In the upper right corner of some listing pages is an icon to change to full options advanced listing. "


So confusing! So I started my listing from scratch AGAIN and I went to the upper right hand corner that says "ADVANCED TOOL" and it gave me all kinds of warning why I should not continue. It says:


"Switch to advanced tool

We recommend that you don't switch listing tools.
The advanced tool is best for high-volume sellers.
If you are a new seller or don't list many items, we recommend that you stay here."  
So what do I do now??  I really don't want "sell till cancelled". THANKS for any help!

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