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arbitan, asks
June 09, 2017

I purchased an item that turned out to be counterfeit. I e-mailed the seller, who told me that he couldn't refund me my entire purchase amount because of eBay/paypal fees. Then he wanted me to text/call him so we could "work something out." I contacted eBay who accepted my evidence and resolved the case in my favor.  I was given a shipping label and instructed to return the item by 6/12 at which point I would receive a full refund.


Here's the hitch, the seller contacts me and tells me that he is only 14 and gives me some sob story about how he spent all the money and now the funds are frozen. Whatever don't care. The real issue is, due to the price of the item, the return requires an adult signature. USPS has attempted to deliver the package twice, but there is "no authorized recepient available." Clearly I don't know the exact circumstances, but with summer break, there is the possibility that the seller is home, but can't sign for the package and hasn't told an adult about it. 

My question is this. Since I was told by eBay to return the package by 6/12, what happens in 3 days when this thing is still sitting at the post office? I don't seem to have a way to contact eBay regarding the case, I am only able to view current details. My concern is that the window is going to pass, but I can't imagine that a seller can duck a return and avoid payment, can they? 


It would be a lot easier if I could contact eBay directly, but that doesn't appear to be an option until the next time event, which is 6/12. I guess my next step will be paypal if somehow the seller manages to avoid repayment through eBay.


Any advice is appreciated!


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