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costasd, asks
June 30, 2017


I recently purchased an item from The seller is located in the U.K. and the item was to be shipped to me using the Global Shipping Program (I am in Cyprus).

The GSP involves multiple carriers and the last one (from the GSP center to Cyprus) was ARAMEX.

I watched the tracking information for what seemed an unusually long amount of time (many days) with the item being designated "In Transit" by ARAMEX.

All of a sudden, on Jun 27, the status got updated and the status became "Delivered", with a delivery date of June 24!

The ARAMEX tracking site showed "Delivered wn direct returns" and location was designated as "London, United Kingdom".

Something definitely wrong.

I immediately called ARAMEX in Cyprus who said there's something wrong and would investigate.

In 5 minutes they called back and said that the airline carrier would not take the item (they did not know the reason) so it was returned back to the GSP center (not the seller).

I immediately opened a case on ebay explaining the situation and giving the ARAMEX tracking number.

In 5-10 minutes, the case was closed against me, apparently by some imbecile automatic mechanism.

Of course ebay themselves do not allow me to appeal the case as you must call some toll free number in the U.K. which I cannot do from another country.

I did open a case with paypal who are reviewing the case, but is there a way on earth to contact someone an ebay who is a normal person, short of suing them which will take a lot of money, time and aggrevation?


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