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roboney, asks
July 10, 2014

I am an ebay buyer and seller since 2001.  I have accidentally shipped the wrong item to a buyer in the past and went above and beyond to try and correct it, so let me start by saying I understand that this mistake can happen to anyone.. BUT.. I purchased a $30.00 statement necklace from a seller with relatively few feedback and a couple of negs.  (What can I say, I was feeling brave.)  After a couple of invoicing mistakes (initially sent invoice charging 2x more for shipping than the listing stated) anyway we got that sorted out, then I received a pair of used brand name sunglasses, tossed without protection into a plain brown paper envelope.  I immediately contacted the seller, who stated she was so sorry, her grandmother died and she had been a mess.  I assured her I understood and asked her to let me know how to proceed.  She replied later, stating the other buyer had not received my necklace yet, but once she received it, we could mail the mis-labeled packages to one another.  Attached to her message was a screen shot of the other buyer's name, address, and user name.  She said she had sent mine to the other buyer as well.  I replied that I didn't appreciate her sharing our information with one another like that, and that I would prefer to return the item to her, with her either pre-paying shipping or sending a prepaid label.  She then informed me the other buyer was out of the country until the 21st, and I would have to wait until then to contact her about sending me my necklace.  (!!!!!!)  She was just generally indignant that I expected her to handle the return and refund and that I didn't want to resolve this by dealing with the other buyer, and then accused me of wanting to keep the "$400.00 sunglasses" (I found my seller's closed listing for the sunglasses, and they sold for $31.00, but that's beside the point.)  Anyway my question is, am I being unreasonable in not wanting to handle this by dealing with the other buyer, when I would be totally unprotected by eBay?  Any advice on how to proceed would be very much appreciated.


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