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uakona, asks
March 09, 2014

Hello people.


I haven't been here in ages which gotta say am thankful for since almost all of my eBay experiences have been great for the most part until now, but eBay customer service is closed for today, so decided to ask my question in great detail here for now until tomorrow when i can talk to eBay support again to get this thing solved.


Courtesy Warning| Long Read / Wall o' Text


Okay here is the issue.


The Issue|


I bought a hooded jacket from a chinese seller, now normally to be fair things go well in my experience when i purchase clothing from china, because 99% of the time they know the products they sell in detail. But this time the seller was either very misinformed or outright lied to me about the product details.


I take on average a size US L (roughly 40" ~ 42") and the seller in question assured me that their asian size XXXL (3XL) was equal to a US size L and they even stated 40" to 42" in a message exchange. They shipped the jacket quickly and it arrived pretty fast, so yeah good job on that one lads, color me impressed there, unfortunately thats where the quality ends. The issue is, they were extremely way off track, the jacket is more like a dress on me!


It is much closer to a true US Size XXXL (46" ~ 50"+) than a Asian size XXXL(40" ~ 42"), the thing is ridiclously huge, more like for a over 6 foot tall buff guy! for the average 5'9 normal build lad it is extremely not as described. I am currently negotiating the issue with the seller going on 9 days now and still we have not come to an agreement. Aside from the language barrier (english / chinese) the seller refuses to accept the deception they have displayed or take responsibility for the very off track item.


Okay so here is the big question.


The Question |


I am a simple guy, don't like causing trouble an' don't like trouble being caused to me, I have been buying and selling on eBay for awhile now and am a very precise (but fair) person in general.


The very first thing i did was contact the seller and began pre-preparing to ship the item back to the seller, i got quotes and the shipping fees whichranged from $43 to nearly $100 via USPS to china! Now here is the problem.


Jacket Grand Total Price: $41.87

Return Shipment to China Estimate: $43 ~ Near $100


And so the seller goes on to tell me the only way i can get a full refund is if i submit to these conditions. Now it is clear this is fruitless, i would go in the minus just returning the dress sized jacket.


So i ask if there is any other alternative to returning the item because the fees of returning the item are unacceptable. Now this next bit really makes me start to question the business practice of this seller.


The Seller offers me to send this overly large jacket to another customer in the US to reduce the ridiculous shipping costs...... IF another buyer buys the same size/color style at all! Then they would agree to refund me. I thought that sounded very shady, and come to find out i was right, eBay support told me that is not in line with how things work here and that they are glad i didn't send it to another customer that way to get my refund.


Main reason i didn't was because another customer would get screwed over because of the size conversion issue and i don't want someone else to deal with this nonsense if possible, and second I have never dealt with anyone that would even suggest such a thing to begin with.


With that said.


The Answer |


What is the Answer?


Points of Interest:


  1. I have contacted eBay support various times via phone, getting a new answer each time with odd results.
  2. I have purchased clothing from china, south korea, thailand and other asian countries before.
  3. I have had no issues with asian based eBay sellers and clothing until now.
  4. I am an honest buyer, I pay right away each time via PayPal.
  5. I rarely complain if a product is slightly "not as described" and request a partial refund because something "Slightly" went wrong, in fact i can proudly say i have not done this once because the sellers here on eBay for the most part have been champs in my book in common courtsey until now. And the few issues I did have, which is less than a handful were solved quickly and without any trouble.





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