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heyholland, asks
December 02, 2013

I was sold an item that turned out to be counterfeit about a couple weeks ago. I shipped the item back to him the following day I received it and sent him a tracking number. I had already filed a case to get my money back on eBay. I didn't see a response all weekend until a few days ago. He told me he wasn't aware the item was counterfeit, which I gave him the benefit of the doubt. I explained to him all the things that made the item counterfeit. However, he said he was out of the country and he wasn't going to return home for another few days.


My (possible) mistake was that I told him I shipped the item back already before he had a chance to respond. He was out of the country during Thanksgiving week and couldn't respond until 4 days after the fact. I told him the tracking says his package was delivered a week ago. He told me he never received it. In all my wisdom, I didn't think to insure it. I was too **bleep** off about receiving a counterfeit item that I returned it almost immediately. There's a possibility the package was stolen from his doorstep while he wasn't home. By default, USPS insures up to $50 for free. At least there's that. Oh, if only he was actually home last week.....


What should I do? I've never had to return something to a seller, let alone purchasing an item that turned out to be counterfeit. This is also the first time where a package didn't reach a destination (although the tracking says otherwise).


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