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9622jennifer, asks
July 12, 2017



I am a seller on eBay with 100% positive feedback after over a decade on eBay.  I recently sold a NWT purse and recieved an e-mail from the buyer some time later saying she had been using it and broke the clasp. It was already outside of the return window and the bag was now used and broken. Despite this I researched and found the manufacturer will actually send a replacement with instructions to fix the turnlock-possibly a manufacturing problem on their end. I sent all of this information to the buyer and she was not satisfied. She kept threatening to open a dispute which I told her would not help becuase she received the item she purchased, it just broke during use. It is an authentic bag and could have been brought back to the retailer for exchange or store credit. She refused to do so and refused to call the manuafacturer because "they would charge her to send it back." Even if she was still under the return window she would have had to pay it to ship it back to me which I pointed out. Each e-mail goes further and further beyond the pale. I told her I wouldn't be answering anything further and she kept going. It's turned into harrassment. I have no idea what to do. She never gave me feedback so I fear this will come back to me somehow. Any help would be very much welcome!  


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