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hendy_eshop, asks
January 11, 2017


Hi, I bulk uploaded 800 items to my eBay store around 12 months ago using a third party tool. The upload pulled basic item details from my online shop and emulated to my eBay store. The upload was fairly basic and included title, description, 'general category' (non-specific), EAN, manufacturers product code and 1 image. 


This has worked well for me however I now wish to add/change detail in the description field. 


So basically I want to find and replace some of the content in each description with updated information. Each description is unique to each item but I originally included some business information on the upload that now needs changing. 


I can use the same third party web shop to edit in bulk and upload however that will not update current listings but just apply duplicates to my eBay store. I want to retain the original listings as they have watchers and sales history.


Turbo lister allows me to add to the top or bottom of each description in bulk but will not allow me to remove the text I no longer require.


I am experimenting with file exchange but cannot work out how to edit descriptions....


Selling manager pro is an option but as I sell in multiple regions its giving me 4000 listings in multiple currencies which starts to become very confusing and time consuming.


Does anyone know of a fix for this or recommend a third party tool that would allow me to bulk edit items and 'current' listings descriptions? 

Many thanks 


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