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nequiciafuror, asks
August 11, 2015

Hi, there is a lot of history there and I will try to make it as short as I could.

In March I bought an antibark collar for my uncle. It was not working as it was suposed to (they wrote it reached up to 1000 meters, but we were able to use it up to 150 meters. Viz. 01.png), so I asked the seller and he offered to exchange my collar for a new one. I agreed. After I send my collar to their address, I send the seller a message with tracking number. They told me they will send new collar that day. After two weeks, I still had no collar from them and I send another message to the seller. They sugested that it maybe was lost on its way and told me that they will send me another one, this time they send me a tracking number as well. That collar come and was as bad as the first one, I was getting quite angry, and when they send me excactly same message as when the first collar did not work as it should (there were even the same misspelings in the message) I just did the thing I now see I should did when the first collar did not work. I asked for refund through ebay.

The seller agreed. I send the collar back at address they told me to. But as the only way for me to send it was through a post office that has no connection to ebay, it was never marked as delivered. But I had a tracking number and was able to see it was delivered (viz. 02.jpg) and the seller confrimed its delivery through messages on ebay (viz. 03.jpg). I asked the seller to mark it as delivered on the case of refund. But first they denied that there is any case and then they told me, that as they send me TWO replacements (the first of which never come) I have no right for refund.

I asked ebay to step in, but as the item was not mrked as delivered, they told me, the seller is in right.

I have even wrote to ebay person, but he only told me, that i shoul write to the seller.

So I did and again and again. I told them to show me a proof they have, that the first item (the one I had no tracking number for) was DELIVERED to me! I told them that they can not make me to "suffer" their mistakes, if they did not had the parcels tracked or insured (every parcel I sent to them was both tracked and insured). But the seller ignored every one of my messages and is ignoring me still. I even asked for them to return at least  the item. But nothing.

Now I have lost over 80 pounds. I have no item and no money. The seller is ignoring me and I really do not know what to do... I only know that soon I will not be able to send messages anymore and this will just be forgotten by anyone but me...

If anyone has any suggestins about what to do, I will be happy to hear (read) them.


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