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rucachick, asks
December 17, 2013

I sell inexpensive dvds (usually a few bucks) in high volume.  A very low percentage of them are defective, and I try to handle issues when they arise.  Is there an "ebay recommended" way to handle returns for defective items? Do they have an official link to instruct buyers and sellers what to do in the event of a defective item?


In my return policy on all of my items, I have:


"Please notify me in the event of a defective item. We will send return instructions to exchange your item for a replacement DVD or refund. We need the item returned to accommodate this request."


So when they notify me of a defective item, I provide my address, tell them to ship it back, and we offer to cover the return postage.  I tell them that I will send a new item when we receive their return, and that I will personally test that specific item to ensure that this second one isn't defective.


Without fail, many buyers essentially say, "No thanks, I'll just leave negative feedback instead."  I somewhat understand.  I wouldn't really want to waste my time with a $2 item.


What should I do? How am I supposed to handle when a customer notifies me of a defective item?  Is the customer generally supposed to return defective items, or should they keep it? How do I handle buyers that refuse to return the item, but then leave negative feedback?


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