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ninjamonkeh21, asks
July 18, 2016

Hi, I signed up for the promotional offer in June where I can sell and only pay $20 in final value fees. I just received my statement for June and do not see any of the credits and got chaged all of the final value fees.

When do I receive the credits? The promotional details says 30 days after the period ends, but I just want to make sure I qualified. Thanks.


What is the Promotion?
Invited sellers ("Sellers") who activate the offer and list in the fixed price, auction-style, or auction-style with Buy It Now format, pursuant to the terms and conditions set forth herein, will be credited any final value fees exceeding $20 ("Promotion") for all items sold during the Promotion Period, as defined below.

Final value fees will still be applied to the total amount of the sale including the cost of the item, shipping, and any other fees a seller may charge—excluding any sales tax. However, the Seller will pay no more than a combined $20 in final value fees for any listings that sell during the Promotion Period, regardless of the listing date. Fees for optional listing upgrades (such as reserve price, Gallery Plus, listing in two categories, etc.) still apply.


The Promotion is paid to the seller via invoice credits. Credits will be issued after the insertion fees are charged, and can take up to 30 days after the Promotion Period to appear on the seller's account. This Promotion is eligible to be combined with other offers that can apply towards the final charge on the eligible item; however, invoice credits across all offers (including credits from this Promotion) will not exceed actual final value fees originally charged to the seller. In addition, this Promotion will apply the discount to the actual final value fees charged to the account (in the case of other promotions already being applied at the time of sale).


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