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elliedee77, asks
February 14, 2015

I didn't sell much at all this month, total dud, but my fees went up drastically. I downloaded the fees and promotional credit spreadsheet for 1/1/2015 thru 1/31/2015 and there was no credit for the 50 free listings or the 20% top seller discount for final value fees.  There was a $0.30  per item listing credit fee for the measelly 27 items that sold, but other than that, ALL my listings were charged the full fee. I looked at the message boards and haven't seen anyone else with this issue.  I just tried calling eBAy and the recording said that there was an "emergency shut down" of eBay, sorry for the inconvenience and then I got a dial tone.


Because I didn't question the fees, I went ahead and made a one time payment (sometimes I do that so I'll know how much I can spend in my paypal account). I was so sticker shocked by the increase that I finally succumbed to paying for the basic store for $15.95 per month. Lo and behold, new fees started the very day I joined the store. I used to get free scheduled listings on ALL listings up until the day I bought a store. Now they charge $0.10 per scheduled item. 

ANYONE OUT THERE experiencing this?


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