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mokie11559, asks
June 26, 2014

so buyer opens an inr case. tracking shows delivered. i respond to case immediately uploaded tracking & to check with carrier, post office, family, neighbors & bushes. what does buyer do after a few minutes? CLOSES CASE because it was delivered to neighbor. leaves posiive feedback. and I GET A DEFECT which morons at defectbay say can't be removed because I didn't escalate the case. I DID NOT HAVE CHANCE TO ESCALATE! the buyer closed it before I had the opportunity. on phone for a ridiculoous amount of time, repeating story again to 2nd rep, has me on hold only to tell me this? now still on hold because I demanded someone who has the told supervisor will call me back. YEAH RIGHT..........keep the 20% & shove it where the sun doesn't shine!


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