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happyhouse-gc, asks
August 30, 2017

After making a purchase yesterday, I received a warning about 'sales outside eBay'.  This is a vague message covering 2 areas: 1 - arranging deals for purchases without using eBay and 2 - giving contact details (again, I suspect to prevent pick up without going through eBay).  I had submitted 2 offers and had one accepted THEN paid for the goods via Paypal.  After doing so, I asked for details for pick up of the item as it was collection only (a digital piano).  When the seller politely complied, we both incurred the wrath of this warning.  The seller was no longer registered on eBay and we received a warning.  I failed to understand how I was supposed to collect an item without obtaining an address or contact number so after a fruitless attempt to be understood on the phone, I tried an online chat.  The issue that eBay have is that contact details were exchanged prior to payment...  EXCEPT they weren't.  Paypal transaction was recorded at 15.09 and my request for details from the seller at 15.10 BUT not on their system just in my messages.  Their system recorded a time of 07.09.  I was in bed at the time and had no intention of buying a digital piano.  The online chat continued to repeat that all this was for my own security.  The most amazing thing about the immovable position of the powers that be is that the seller is a business seller and therefore HAS to display contact details by law... surely enabling every sale to be conducted off site and without company profit.  Any other members with this kind of experience?  No apology from eBay - after all, it is for my 'security' that I am sent patronising messages. 


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