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katiec1956-7, asks
August 31, 2017

Got an email from eBay today saying my account was permanently closed.  Called them. Girl asked me questions to verify who I am.  I answered. I passed.  She reinstated me.   Asked her FOUR times, if something was wrong to cause this. she said no..  it's random.

Everything I had listed to sell is gone.  Only my first five sales ever are showing.  I called again, asking for help. I tried what they said, only to find I would be paying eBay's fees again for relisting. I called again. The listing department said she would relist the items within five minutes.  But in the end she only listed one item that was sold this morning and not yet paid for.

Has anyone else ever had this happen to them? If so, how did you get it fixed? Everyone I spoke with I told something is wrong here. Why would you do this to your good customer?  And not only is it lots of work to relist it all, I am not paying twice when it's their fault I have to repost it all?  please help!


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