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muniemohamma0, asks
August 07, 2017

Hello sir.
I am Munir, and thank you for contacting me.
My account has been closed and a message has been received on my email:



. Term and Termination. Post-Termination. Upon termination EPN will deactivate all accounts that are linked to you as a participant in the Network. You shall no longer accrue payments in your account, including but not limited to subsequent Qualifying Transactions where the clicks on the Links occurred prior to termination. If EPN terminates this Agreement for cause, you may not register for the Network again or participate in the Network as an Agent for another Affiliate. Regards, The eBay Partner Network Quality Team


Sir, I assure you that I have no other account
My account is not linked to other prohibited accounts

I am from Syria and live in Egypt because of the war in my country.
I explicitly paid $ 100 to create ads but I had $ 150 but the account was stopped and the money went on
I hope you reactivate my account
Please Sir

thank you


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