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huardsmith123, asks
January 11, 2017

My auction for an Apple computer completed 4 days ago. The auction was for local pickup only. The winning bidder is from Venezuela - a country I specifically blocked in the auction.  (I blocked everyone who is not in N.A. - the most restrictive I could be.) From the listing:


Shipping and handling
Item location: Massachusetts, United States
Shipping to: Will arrange for local pickup only (no shipping).
Excludes: Alaska/Hawaii, US Protectorates, APO/FPO, Africa, Asia, Central America and Caribbean, Europe, Middle East, Oceania, Southeast Asia, South America
The winning bidder has not paid yet.


The winning bidder has no reviews, no stars, etc. And has only been an eBay member for 3 months (since October 16, 2016).  I also blocked bidders who have no PayPal account, are from the excluded countries (don't ship to, even though this is a Local Pick-up Only auction), have the most strict unpaid items and policy violations, etc.


The winning bidder has only replied to my communications with a simple, one-line response:


I have friend close to you.




You near Mississippi, no?




I have friend. 


Etc. This has gone on for 4 days now. It is clear to me that this is setting up to be a scam, or at least not going anywhere. No one is coming to pick up this computer!


Also, I did not allow for the eBay Global Shipping Program.


What do I do?  I can cancel the auction (no refund necessary since he has not paid), but can I avoid a bad feedback score from this "buyer"?  Can eBay help?


(And, how does this bidder even get to see this auction and bid on it when he has a primary ship-to address that I thought I was excluding the auction from?)


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