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As long as the seller accepts PayPal, you can use a coupon, gift card, or voucher to pay for all or part of your purchase. Here's how to use coupons and vouchers and how they work.

  • Enter the redemption code in the coupon, gift card, or certificate field to redeem a coupon during checkout. Then select Apply to see your new order total.
  • Only one coupon may be used per purchase. Check the terms and conditions for more details. 

When using a coupon or voucher, remember:

  • Check the expiration date and time to be sure it hasn't expired
  • While they come in different forms, all eBay coupons require that you pay with PayPal. If a seller doesn't accept PayPal, you can't use the coupon to buy from them.
  • We send them to your registered eBay email address. They're also in the Didn't win section in your account.
  • Coupons can't be transferred between eBay accounts

After using a gift card, any remaining balance is attached to your eBay account. To redeem the remaining balance, enter your redemption code at checkout, and be sure you’re using the eBay account that you used previously with the gift card.

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